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PandaArcade 1.0

The PandaArcade project is a miniature arade system with custom software and a homemade case. This arcade will use the Pandaboard to emulate origional arcade and retro videogames and it will have mini arcade controls. The system will have custom emulating software optomized for this compuer, the 7" screen and the controls and it will also have a custom frontend software so that it will have a nice menu system. The case will be made of 1/4" mdf board and it will look like a mini arcade system.

An Andriod Based App to monitor zigbee Wireless Sensor networks

We are developing a multi protocol wireless gateway using panda board as our ref. platform. The gateway is supposed have Android as its platform OS. In our project we are developing an android based Application which continuously monitors the various wireless sensor nodes and updates their status on a map indicating their position and other sensory data they send like temp. data etc.

CSI-2 & FPGA Acceleration Project

After a Successful extension of TI's ARM Cortex-M3 LM3S9B92 MCU with a FPGA as a Memory Controller Hub and Data Acquisition platform, I'm about to try and do the same work for the PandaBoard!

This Project will convert almost any kind of unsupported / expensive / or "hard to get you hands on" device for the PandaBoard with the Academic $59 DE0-Nano FPGA development board.
Five main interfaces are the main objectives:

1. Memory Mapped GPMC Slave - Half way there (TI's Cortex-M3 EPI is just like the GPMC)
2. CSI-2 Transmitter Core - All relevant specifications obtained!

Project website:


PUIAS is a full Linux distribution based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The project is similar to the CentOS initiative, but has been around much longer. It is supported by members of the Princeton University and Institute for Advanced Study computing groups. The result of recompiling all of the SRPMS on a pandaboard is a RHEL-like system on the ARM architecture, PUIAS-arm.

Project website:

Panda Class Driver

A Class driver is a type of hardware device driver that can operate a large number of different devices of a broadly similar type. Class drivers are very often used with USB based devices, which share the essential USB protocol in common, and devices with similar functionality can easily adopt common protocols. Instead of having a separate driver for every kind of device, a class driver can operate a wide variety of devices from different manufacturers. To accomplish this, manufacturers make their products compatible with a standardized protocol.

Project website:

User interface sharing over Wi-Fi between Panda units

This Project aims to synchronize Desktop environment running on one panda board with another panda board over Wi-Fi. The project involves segmentation of the desktop using the effective algorithm and segmented information is structured in custom format. The output of the algorithm is then encoded with the help of efficient encoding method to minimize the need of network resources. The encoded output is sent over Wi-Fi using RTP towards another Wi-Fi terminal, which can decode the input data stream and appropriate display is created.

Project website:

PANDACLOUD -A Prototype for cloud computing platform on panda board

Use PANDA to create and maintain ad-hoc cloud to provide platform as a service. Today in the
era of smart phones and tablets having a hardware constraint to run any application residing in
your machine is a major drawback. So consider a scenario where you are traveling (Bus/Trains/
Flight), where there are several phones/computational devices, of which while some are highly
active, some may be totally dormant, thus wasting a lot of processing power when there is a need
for it. So having a single PANDA as a controlling device (cloud server) , all the platform could

Project website:


< AVR On The Go >

A small, portable AVR programmer*.

*: The programmer shall have a small screen, micro keyboard, autonomous power source and ISP(6/10)pins and JTAG connections to connect with the targets.

It would be on running an embedded Linux distribution and have an environment setup for compiling C/C++ & ASM code for the AVR.

Project website:

ROS on PandaBoard

I wish to use the Pandaboard as the main brain for a bipedal robot.

So far I've managed to natively compile ROS( Willow Garages Robotic Operating System) using the latest version DiamondBack and Ubuntu Natty Netbook.

Those instructions can be found here.

Project website:

APEX Bootloader

APEX is a bootloader for embedded systems. It was originally written to support the Sharp LH series of processors but has been ported to a number of additional ARM targets such as the Samsung S3C24xx series.

* Easy to build. It depends only on shell utilities and GCC.
*Easy to configure. There is a single configuration file and it uses the linux-2.6 Kconfig infrastructure.
*Excellent dependency management. Uses Linux kernel Kbuild to optimally manage dependencies.
*Modular. Commands and drivers may be included or excluded by configuration.

Project website:

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