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Team Graviton AVC Entry

Team Graviton is a contestant in the SFE international Autonomous Vehicle Competition 2012. Our vehicle is equipped with a computer vision system in addition to high precision spatial orientation sensors. This sophisticated realtime computer vision system, artificial intelligence and blistering fast vehicle makes Team Graviton unbeatable.

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Porting OMAP4 to FreeBSD

It's a part of ArabBSD project which has a goal to port OMAP4 to FreeBSD.

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XEN Hypervisor Porting on OMAP4430

This project is to create virtualization on OMAP4430.

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Slim Syslink API

A slim syslink API inspired by gst-dsp.

Background at:

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Open Source Auto-Focus Camera

The main objective of this project is to build a cheap auto-focus camera using OpenCV libraries.

- 5 MP Auto-focus camera module.
- Runs on linux with custom user interface.
- Social-oriented (Upload pictures directly to communities like Facebook, Photobucket, Picasa, Flickr, etc.).
- Community based development.
- Media Player.

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This project is aimed to develop a 2 channel 50Msps 12bit DAQ system, plus 32 channel digital analyzer. Scope of this project includes both hardware and software development.

Spartan 6 FPGA will be used to perform ADC and logic input control. ARM processor will be used to transmit data to PC through USB2.0 or Ethernet.

The ARM processor will run Embedded Linux (likely Linaro). Control software on PC will be developed to generate VCD formated output. VCD data can be easily opened using waveform viewer like GTKView.

Project website:

Robot Reference Platform

The Home Brew Robotics Club (Silicon Valley, CA) has decided to pool their efforts by selecting a single high-end processor board (currently PandaBoard) to use on their higher end robots.

This will be known as the Robot Reference Platform (RRP).

It has been recognized that keeping up to date with the latest high end processor boards is a never ending effort. As each individual strives to make progress with the next, latest and greatest development, a lot of time is spent reinventing and rediscovering solutions that work.

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FreeRDP is a free remote desktop protocol client that implements RDP following the documentation released under the Microsoft Open Specification Promise.

Using FreeRDP, one can turn a PandaBoard into a nice open source thin client and make it feel like it was a full-blown desktop computer. VirtualBox can be used to expose virtual machines for remote access using RDP, otherwise most Windows editions support it by default. Alternatively, the open source xrdp server can be used on Linux machines.

Project website:

Wireless Video Sync over WLAN

This Project aims to synchronize video running on one panda board with another panda board over WLAN. Both panda boards have displays connected & only one panda board will be running the video and at the same time streaming it, the other panda board will receive and display it.

This Project will be done CDAC Bangalore DESD students.

Project website:

Universal USB gadget driver

The USB universal gadget driver exports the embedded functionality of the board. Each USB gadget comes with its oqn driver. This project aims to create a universal USB driver to which multiple usb gadgets can be connected. This project will be done by CDAC Bangalore DESD students.

Project website:

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