Software Project

MS0x00 - the Hackerfleet's first Autonomous Naval Robotic Vehicle (ANRV)

Autonomous Naval Robotic Vehicle
The MS0x00 is our first autonomous boat. Currently very limited in its engine power, it serves us as testing and benchmarking platform for hardware and software. We're happy to hear about your ideas, encouragements, source code, experiments or hardware.

Run Ubuntu and Android simultaneously on the PandaBoard ES

This project wants to run Ubuntu and Android simultaneously on the PandaBoard ES. I'm exploring ways to do it and I'm looking for coders who wants to join the project. I'm moderately experienced.


Attempting to build a municipal wireless mesh for a WISP in Northern Utah utilising the PandaBoard ES for each gateway and node with the included WLAN chip connected to a 2.4GHz microwave omnidirectional antenna and the new Broadcom 802.11ac chip attached to the board and a 5GHz microwave omnidirectional antenna.

Each node with antennas and second WLAN chip should cost less than $600 and all software will be open source with Ubuntu Server and WING for Linux.

We are currently developing the proof of concept Gateway on our first PandaBoard.

9panda (plan9 on pandaboard)

Plan9 is a distributed operating system.(
To support plan9 on pandaboard and hopefully to work on opengl support for plan9.

chrome os

how do i get chrome os onto an sd card so that I can boot that on my panda board? I need help asap! Thanks!!!

Minix3 OS on Pandaboard

Porting of Minix3 OS to PandaBoard

MINIX 3 is a project to create a small, highly reliable and functional Unix-like operating system.
This OS is extremely small, with the part that runs in kernel mode under 6000 lines of executable code.

Project Goal:The goal here is to port Minix3 to pandaboard and developing all necessary drivers and make all the peripherals working.

Reflex on Pandaboard

Reflex is a suite of compiler and runtime support for applications to leverage the M3 (ducati) cores on OMAP4.

Low-power processors that are encompassed in an extremely asymmetric architecture promise very high energy-efficiency to frequent, simple computational tasks, most notably sensing. However, programming such an architecture is difficult, especially to numerous third-party developers.

Power Fail Safe FAT File Systems for Embedded Linux

“The FAT file system is a widely used file system for mobile phones and other embedded devices for Multi-media applications such as MP3, video images and recording. This is because of FAT is Desktop PC compatible. But, the FAT file system is susceptible to power-failure causing corruption of file system Meta data and user data. In embedded environment corruption of data is undesirable. This paper implements a mechanism to log all file system operation and then committing to the FAT table and directory entries.

Hand Gesture Recognition in Android

Gesture Recognition In Android

Gestures are a powerful means of communication among humans. In fact, gesturing is so deeply rooted in our communication that people often continue gesturing when speaking on the telephone. Hand gestures provide a separate complementary modality to speech for expressing ones idea. Information associated with hand gestures in a conversation is degree, discourse structure, spatial and temporal structure. So, a natural interaction between humans and computing devices can be achieved by using hand gestures for communication between them.

Win 8 driver/ mobile 7 driver

Need to know if anyone could support mobile 7 or win 8 drivers for sensor functions?

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