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Genode OS Framework

Genode OS Framework is a tool kit for creating component-based operating systems. It allows the combination of various different OS kernels with a growing set of device drivers, protocol stacks, runtime environments, and applications. In contrast to commodity operating systems, Genode is designed such that critical components do not need to rely on an overly complex system foundation. At the same time, less critical components are able to leverage sophisticated and complex software stacks such as Qt4 or even instances of virtualized Linux kernels.

Legacy Linux Kernels on PandaBoard ES

Trying to backport legacy Linux kernels to the PandaBoard ES. I need to verify a software library functions on multiple Linux kernels and multiple platforms. Linux kernel generations are any kernel from 2.6.32 - 2.6.35, and kernel from 2.6.36 - 2.6.39 and the 3.0 kernel.




Project on game console, the blue prints are already laid out I need some minds, brains to help me please contact me at Thanks again

Run Simulink Models on PandaBoard

With R2012b, Simulink provides built-in support for prototyping, testing, and running models on the PandaBoard and PandaBoard ES. You can design algorithms in Simulink for audio processing and computer vision applications then see them perform with hardware. The included tools & utilities allow PandaBoard users to setup their board directly from a Windows computer. MATLAB command line utilities allow the user to talk to PandaBoard from within MATLAB through MATLAB command line API's.


LCD and Plasma TV sets have revolutionized living rooms everywhere. Gone are the days of having large consoles or tables to hold those big CRT TV sets. Now, most TVs are mounted on the wall increasing space and viewability. One thing is for sure, TVs aren’t going to get any smaller. The newest TVs range in size up to 84 inches and feature high resolution, 3D capabilities, and access to the Internet.

Porting adroid on panda board

Porting android and linux on panda board.

Porting ASTERISK VOIP server on Panda board

Porting ASTERISK VOIP server on Panda board for unified communications.


We are developing a SMART TV by costomizing the user interfaces and adding apks.

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