Hardware Project



Inti Media - expansion board for Pandaboard, Pandaboard ES

An expansion board for Pandaboard featuring

- 10inch LCD with touchscreen via 40 pin LVDS and 4 wire touch interface
- 5 user controlled LEDs
- 5 user controlled push buttons
- optional SATA controller with micro SATA connector
- headers for optional add-on boards

Add-on boards:

- stereo speakers board
- camera and digital microphone board
- GPS board
- Accelerometer and gyro board

All schematics will be available under GPL license.
Boards available for preordering from 6/12/12 for delivery mid January.


A small project to build a prototype BeagleBoard Tablet. We will also work on Touchscreen software too.


MyzharBot Project

Project development is subdivided into three sections:
Informatics, Electronics and Mechanics

This section deals with Rover control. A Pandaboard ES will handle the communication between the various subsystems of the robot.

Electronics section will deal with physic interfaces between the components of the Rover and with power management. Each circuit will be described in all their details. Motor system is based on RoboController V2 board.


Porting adroid on panda board

Porting android and linux on panda board.

Porting ASTERISK VOIP server on Panda board

Porting ASTERISK VOIP server on Panda board for unified communications.

EZRA II Environment Control System

The EZRA II System is an environment control interface created to allow quadriplegic and other disabled persons the freedom to control their living area. The system currently includes a Bluetooth connected hospital bed controller, a speech synthesizer for those with limited speaking abilities, and an interface to control "X-10 home automation" enabled lamps and appliances. Future plans for the system include integration with various multimedia devices, gaming consoles, and speaker phones.


A plastic enclosure for Pandaboard - http://inventorslab.net/PBC1.pdf

Color - Ivory-White Polycarbonate Plastic
Expected Price $49

Color - Crystal-Clear Polycarbonate Plastic
Expected price $59

If you are interested in pre-ordering, please email at pandahut@inventorslab.net


A plastic enclosure for Pandaboards.


escuela sustentabler

Tenemos proyectos para el gobierno de mexico sobre escuelas sustentable, proyectos para bancos y plantas de tratamiento de agua. Requerimos de Pandaboard que los podamos visitar y platicar a detalle porque requerimos comprar 2000 equipos de inicio.

Mike Pinzon
celular 5548336896

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