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Air islamic Android

Air Islamic Android Phones
Code name: asio


Owner Mohamed Hussein Mustafa ~ Software Engineer ` Cairo, Egypt

"Islamic Android Phones" Build for publishing islamic religious for more distrebution in islamic countries helping in growth of islamic religion is rapidly NW-Hi-Tech.

two wheel self-balancing and multitasking robot

Iam making a two wheel self-balancing robot that will balance it self on two wheels through different sensors. My central and main controller will be the PANDA BOARD ES and further the robot will be controlled through Wi-fi interface. and their will also be some sensors for the detection of obstacle.
These are the main things which i am doing by using PANDA BOARD ES

chrome os

how do i get chrome os onto an sd card so that I can boot that on my panda board? I need help asap! Thanks!!!


I am building a wearable computer,that will be optimized for use in an educational,especially high school,enviroment.It will serve to augment the student's memory,with a camera and a mike,as well as the student's knowledge,through encyclopedias an the internet.It will include a head mounted display,easy to use keyboard an possibly internet access.

Splash Screen Support for U-Boot

Das U-Boot (Universal Bootloader) is an open source, primary boot loader used in embedded devices. It is available for a number of different computer architectures, including PPC, ARM, MIPS, AVR32, x86, 68k, Nios, and MicroBlaze.
The PandaBoard is a low-power, low-cost single-board computer based on the Texas Instruments OMAP4430 processor. It is a community supported development platform and is the first OMAP4 mobile software development platform.
The PandaBoard supports both DVI(Digital–Visual Interface) as well as HDMI(High-Definition Multimedia Interface).

PandaBoard LVDS LCD with touchscreen

Small board is connected to two LCD headers on the bottom of PandaBoard, and provides simple interface to LVDS LCD panels like those you can find in notebooks. Board supports EDID/I2C interface for automatic display settings setup. Also, there is support for LCD brightness, including automatic brightness control with help of ambient light sensor.

Schematic and Gerbers are available under GPL license.
Also, you can order bare PCB, fully assembled board, or bundle of board with LCD with capacitive touchscreen.



Our Project name is viSparsh.This word has been coined by our team. It is a conglomeration of two words namely vision (Vis) & Touch (Sparsh). We felt the name ViSparsh truly depicted the purpose of our project which was to aid the visually impaired people through the sense of Touch. We also thought this as an apt name for our team too whereby the same word would signify our team's aim of touching the lives of several people through our vision.

Hand Gesture Recognition in Android

Gesture Recognition In Android

Gestures are a powerful means of communication among humans. In fact, gesturing is so deeply rooted in our communication that people often continue gesturing when speaking on the telephone. Hand gestures provide a separate complementary modality to speech for expressing ones idea. Information associated with hand gestures in a conversation is degree, discourse structure, spatial and temporal structure. So, a natural interaction between humans and computing devices can be achieved by using hand gestures for communication between them.


System on Module Base OMAP4430,and a Clone to PandaBoard .with Size of 40mm*40mm*2.5mm
1.Processor :OMAP4430
1GBytes LPDDR2
8GBytes eMMC Flash
5.10/100 Ethnernet (SPI interface)


picoFlamingo is a portable presentation solution initially developed for the BeagleBoard and picoDLP projector, but it can be executed in any OpenGL ES 2.0 compliant system. Slides can contain text, images, live video streams, and 3D objects that can be animated in a 3D space and dynamically updated to produce advanced user interfaces. When used in combination with NetKitty, picoFlamingo can be controlled remotely through any Bluetooth or network enabled device. Simple remote control tools for Symbian S60, OpenMoko, and Android 1.5 are included.

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