Hardware Project

Embedded Computer Vision Platform with PandaBoard

Embedded Computer Vision Platform with PandaBoard Project url: url


Testing the exciting features of this great board. Low cost computing for the masses.

MS0x00 - the Hackerfleet's first Autonomous Naval Robotic Vehicle (ANRV)

Autonomous Naval Robotic Vehicle
The MS0x00 is our first autonomous boat. Currently very limited in its engine power, it serves us as testing and benchmarking platform for hardware and software. We're happy to hear about your ideas, encouragements, source code, experiments or hardware.


Attempting to build a municipal wireless mesh for a WISP in Northern Utah utilising the PandaBoard ES for each gateway and node with the included WLAN chip connected to a 2.4GHz microwave omnidirectional antenna and the new Broadcom 802.11ac chip attached to the board and a 5GHz microwave omnidirectional antenna.

Each node with antennas and second WLAN chip should cost less than $600 and all software will be open source with Ubuntu Server and WING for Linux.

We are currently developing the proof of concept Gateway on our first PandaBoard.

Air islamic Android

Air Islamic Android Phones
Code name: asio


Owner Mohamed Hussein Mustafa ~ Software Engineer ` Cairo, Egypt

"Islamic Android Phones" Build for publishing islamic religious for more distrebution in islamic countries helping in growth of islamic religion is rapidly NW-Hi-Tech.

two wheel self-balancing and multitasking robot

Iam making a two wheel self-balancing robot that will balance it self on two wheels through different sensors. My central and main controller will be the PANDA BOARD ES and further the robot will be controlled through Wi-fi interface. and their will also be some sensors for the detection of obstacle.
These are the main things which i am doing by using PANDA BOARD ES

chrome os

how do i get chrome os onto an sd card so that I can boot that on my panda board? I need help asap! Thanks!!!


I am building a wearable computer,that will be optimized for use in an educational,especially high school,enviroment.It will serve to augment the student's memory,with a camera and a mike,as well as the student's knowledge,through encyclopedias an the internet.It will include a head mounted display,easy to use keyboard an possibly internet access.

Splash Screen Support for U-Boot

Das U-Boot (Universal Bootloader) is an open source, primary boot loader used in embedded devices. It is available for a number of different computer architectures, including PPC, ARM, MIPS, AVR32, x86, 68k, Nios, and MicroBlaze.
The PandaBoard is a low-power, low-cost single-board computer based on the Texas Instruments OMAP4430 processor. It is a community supported development platform and is the first OMAP4 mobile software development platform.
The PandaBoard supports both DVI(Digital–Visual Interface) as well as HDMI(High-Definition Multimedia Interface).

PandaBoard LVDS LCD with touchscreen

Small board is connected to two LCD headers on the bottom of PandaBoard, and provides simple interface to LVDS LCD panels like those you can find in notebooks. Board supports EDID/I2C interface for automatic display settings setup. Also, there is support for LCD brightness, including automatic brightness control with help of ambient light sensor.

Schematic and Gerbers are available under GPL license.
Also, you can order bare PCB, fully assembled board, or bundle of board with LCD with capacitive touchscreen.


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