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adventurous accord by applying Womens Nike Air Griffey Max Dark pink white, air Maxim one + endure outline of an accompanying wellness aural of the summer time of 2011. As The NIKE "TR1UMPH" ancestor of all appointment work, Nike air Max exercise adviser just one is assuredly the apply of everyone's attention.

Image sorting machine for food-grains and pulses.

Image sorting machine for food-grains and pulses in which we shall use pandaboard ability for image processing and portability. We shall sort the food grains and pulses based on image input given to pandaboard which shall check with standard database of images and sort the grains into various categories of grains. All the dust particles shall be removed based on image comparision.


Porting ASTERISK VOIP server on Panda board

Porting ASTERISK VOIP server on Panda board for unified communications.

EZRA II Environment Control System

The EZRA II System is an environment control interface created to allow quadriplegic and other disabled persons the freedom to control their living area. The system currently includes a Bluetooth connected hospital bed controller, a speech synthesizer for those with limited speaking abilities, and an interface to control "X-10 home automation" enabled lamps and appliances. Future plans for the system include integration with various multimedia devices, gaming consoles, and speaker phones.

Reflex on Pandaboard

Reflex is a suite of compiler and runtime support for applications to leverage the M3 (ducati) cores on OMAP4.

Low-power processors that are encompassed in an extremely asymmetric architecture promise very high energy-efficiency to frequent, simple computational tasks, most notably sensing. However, programming such an architecture is difficult, especially to numerous third-party developers.

Power Fail Safe FAT File Systems for Embedded Linux

“The FAT file system is a widely used file system for mobile phones and other embedded devices for Multi-media applications such as MP3, video images and recording. This is because of FAT is Desktop PC compatible. But, the FAT file system is susceptible to power-failure causing corruption of file system Meta data and user data. In embedded environment corruption of data is undesirable. This paper implements a mechanism to log all file system operation and then committing to the FAT table and directory entries.

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