Testing features


var usuarioEscoge = prompt("¿Piedra, papel o tijeras?");
var computadorEscoge = Math.random();

if (computadorEscoge <0.34){
computadorEscoge = "piedra";
}else if(computadorEscoge <=0.67){
computadorEscoge = "papel";
computadorEscoge = "tijeras";

var comparar=function(eleccion1, eleccion2){
if(eleccion1 === eleccion2)
return "¡Es un empate!";
return "piedra gana";
return "papel gana";}

Legacy Linux Kernels on PandaBoard ES

Trying to backport legacy Linux kernels to the PandaBoard ES. I need to verify a software library functions on multiple Linux kernels and multiple platforms. Linux kernel generations are any kernel from 2.6.32 - 2.6.35, and kernel from 2.6.36 - 2.6.39 and the 3.0 kernel.


Testing the exciting features of this great board. Low cost computing for the masses.

PandaBoard Validation

Kozio, Inc. (www.kozio.com) has made available free use of their kDiagnostics® Suite, for owners of PandaBoard. Users of the PandaBoard have an interactive guided tour of the inner workings of the board, along with a full design verification and hardware validation solution.

Panda in a Tree

Panda in a Tree: or, where to GoogleEARTH
EA board

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