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Use ISA and PCMCIA cards on Pandaboard - through USB

Project consists of:
- interface hardware - USB2ISA and USB2PCMCIA cards
- supporting software - system software and enumerator

Provides an API set for software developers to allow the work of ISA and PCMCIA cards on Pandaboard, and allows:
- read/write to - I/O and memory spaces
- detecting and handling events generated by - IRQ and DMA channels

- USB2ISA card - http://arstech.com/install/ecom-prodshow/usb2isar.html
- USB2PCMCIA card - http://arstech.com/install/ecom-prodshow/usb2pcmcia.html
- User's Guide for all products - http://arstech.com/users-guide.pdf

Inti Media - expansion board for Pandaboard, Pandaboard ES

An expansion board for Pandaboard featuring

- 10inch LCD with touchscreen via 40 pin LVDS and 4 wire touch interface
- 5 user controlled LEDs
- 5 user controlled push buttons
- optional SATA controller with micro SATA connector
- headers for optional add-on boards

Add-on boards:

- stereo speakers board
- camera and digital microphone board
- GPS board
- Accelerometer and gyro board

All schematics will be available under GPL license.
Boards available for preordering from 6/12/12 for delivery mid January.

PandaBoard LVDS LCD with touchscreen

Small board is connected to two LCD headers on the bottom of PandaBoard, and provides simple interface to LVDS LCD panels like those you can find in notebooks. Board supports EDID/I2C interface for automatic display settings setup. Also, there is support for LCD brightness, including automatic brightness control with help of ambient light sensor.

Schematic and Gerbers are available under GPL license.
Also, you can order bare PCB, fully assembled board, or bundle of board with LCD with capacitive touchscreen.


Win 8 driver/ mobile 7 driver

Need to know if anyone could support mobile 7 or win 8 drivers for sensor functions?

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