Open OMAP 4 mobile software development platform

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A New Android OS For YoungSters

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var usuarioEscoge = prompt("¿Piedra, papel o tijeras?");
var computadorEscoge = Math.random();

if (computadorEscoge <0.34){
computadorEscoge = "piedra";
}else if(computadorEscoge <=0.67){
computadorEscoge = "papel";
computadorEscoge = "tijeras";

var comparar=function(eleccion1, eleccion2){
if(eleccion1 === eleccion2)
return "¡Es un empate!";
return "piedra gana";
return "papel gana";}

Panda IOT

The idea of the project is to control a 'device' through the USB port and make it available through the network. The device of interest is currently a digital SLR.

Visit for updates.

We will try to update our progress every week.


Digital Music Synthesizer

This is a project we're doing for school to build a digital music synthesizer.

Port Tizen on Panda

Port the Tizen2.0 OS on panda board.

Use ISA and PCMCIA cards on Pandaboard - through USB

Project consists of:
- interface hardware - USB2ISA and USB2PCMCIA cards
- supporting software - system software and enumerator

Provides an API set for software developers to allow the work of ISA and PCMCIA cards on Pandaboard, and allows:
- read/write to - I/O and memory spaces
- detecting and handling events generated by - IRQ and DMA channels

- USB2ISA card -
- USB2PCMCIA card -
- User's Guide for all products -

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